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The Ultimate Neck & Back Brace 
For Overhead Work
Never suffer from neck and back pain due to overhead work again. The Neck Assist is designed to keep your neck and back in the correct alignment while performing overhead tasks.
  •  Reduce Neck & Back Strains
  •  Prevent Arthritis
  •  Improve Eroding Posture
The Ultimate Neck and Back Support System (N.A.B.S.S.) could help those who suffer from neck, head and back strain, and poor posture on the job, alleviating pain and medical expenses, and potentially saving a manufacturer or contractor an expensive workman's compensation claim.

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Customer Testimonials
The Neck Assist Brace In Action
About The Neck Assist Brace
The Neck Assist is the one and only Ultimate Neck and Back Support System (N.A.B.S.S) for doing all overhead work and/or tasks. It was built for the overhead worker in mind, professional or home owner. It is lightweight (less than 2 lbs) with an adjustable headrest and back bar. The adjustable head rest tilts up and down, while the back bar raises up and down to adjust to your height (up to 6'6"). The Neck Assist also comes with a washable, removable headrest cover.
Greg Ely - Inventor
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